Painless, sweatless, convenient and fast. Just lie down for 30 minutes = 5.5 hours of exercise.


Our cutting edge technology uses electromagnetic energy that produces supramaximal contractions in the muscles of your desired area.

This forces the muscles to adapt - resulting in fat burning and toning.


Pure Sculpt can help those who are looking for the extra muscle

definition that their own efforts can not achieve. 

Series of 6 sessions recommended for best results

30 minute treatment on an area of the body. 
Recommended that 6 sessions be complete in 2-4 week period

with 2-3 day rests days in between each session

Book 6 sessions and receive discounted price of $750


First time only $99!
$150/per session after


7 days to perfection!
$300 starting at


The typical patient will notice immediate skin brightness and enjoy smoother complexion. Other noticable benefits include improved skin tone, reduced dullness, as well as reduction in acne and sun damage. 


Each individual’s peeling process begins within 48 hours and will vary based on skin type and skin condition. Intense peeling for 2 to 3 days is expected, with an additional 2 days remaining of residual peeling around the hairline and neck areas.

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