Facials & Enhancements

We all know that beauty is more than skin deep. Allow the Facials by Ann team to bring out that beauty with our wide array of treatments, using high-quality, professional products. Not only are our facials luxuriously relaxing, but also help rejuvenate, hydrate and exfoliate dull skin. 

Before we begin, we have a short conversation to get to know you better. These first few minutes not only give you a chance to slow down and relax, but allows our expert aestheticians to recommend the most effective treatment and products, custom-tailored to your skin goals and lifestyle.


All custom facials includes evaluation, cleanse, custom enzyme mask, foot massage, extractions if needed, facial, décolleté, neck massage, finishing mask, Cryo finishing treatment


Custom Facial

All facials are customized using fruit based enzymes and natural plant based masks, while you relax with a stress relieving massage. 


Facial Duet

Custom Facial with Dermaplaning or Microdermabrasion

IMG_0174 (1) 2.jpg

Facial Trio

This all-in-one treatment includes a custom facial, brow design (with optional tint) and Dermaplane or Microdermabrasion treatment.


Delux Hydro Facial

Custom Facial, Dermaplane with Hydro Microderm.

This Facial Treatment offers a thorough cleansing, resurfacing and hydrating treatment using the power of water. 

Man Getting a Facial

Express Facial

Slightly less fluff, same great results. Perfect for teens, men or those short on time.


Hydro Microderm w/ Dermaplaning $110

Includes Hydro skin prep, Dermaplane, enzyme mask, extractions, hydro custom treatment, cryo finishing treatment.

Facial Cream

TCA Peel 

Formulated for creating an even skin tone and texture. Safe for even darker skin types. Perfect for hyperpigmentation and melasma.

Body Measurements

Pure Sculpt
$99 first session

Our cutting edge technology uses electromagnetic energy that produces supramaximal contractions in the muscles of your desired area. This forces the muscles to adapt - resulting in fat burning and toning.


Pure Sculpt can help those who are looking for the extra muscle definition that their own efforts can not achieve.


The Perfect Peel
starting at $300

The typical patient will notice immediate skin brightness and enjoy smoother complexion. Other noticable benefits include improved skin tone, reduced dullness, as well as reduction in acne and sun damage. 


Each individual’s peeling process begins within 48 hours and will vary based on skin type & condition. Intense peeling for 2 to 3 days is expected, with an additional 2 days remaining of residual peeling around the hairline and neck areas.